The 300 M Focus:

The 300M Challenge volunteers and mentors will focus first on our 5-10 year olds and bring them to reading for fun and meaning, through colourful books and community libraries and meaningful interventions.

The Plan:

A frugal, quick, efficient solution to reach 75 million primary schoolers, to end the cycle of poverty. And bring young India to build their joy in reading, the capacity to create a brave new world for themselves.

Why Child to Child?

Because teaching, for our students, is the best way to sustainable learning. Because Indian culture fosters a sense of family, daya, of caring and sharing. And because finally, one weak link makes all of us weak. If children can make the difference — they must start with one another; with their own world.

RIPL! Strategy:

Reading for Inclusive Public Learning is a social, inclusive process that brings children, youth, adults (professionals and retired people) into helping all children, ages 5-10 at first, to read well. It recreates the more inclusive learning spaces, that India has had — and still has — in temples, under spreading trees, etc.

Tech as Lever

Archimedes famously said: Give me a lever and I will change the world!. Reading and good books are the lever we give our children to change their world and make it more sustainable socially, culturally and ecologically! Katha provides an eKit based on our tried and tested story pedagogy; and an e-learning platform for our children. Every child is a unique learner nd we hope tech will help us reach out to one child at a time.

We equip our children (and their parents/teachers) with technology-friendly learning, so that they can understand and find solutions for challenges like equity, global climate change and sustainable consumption.

The Value Proposition:

Equal quality education for all children. Children will understand the PURPOSE and VALUE of education for, we will not just promote literacy but reading for meaning so they understand why reading is important: to reach their potential even as they create a more compassionate world for all lifeforms. When children believe they can bring sustainable change to themselves, they begin to understand the emotional and the economic purpose of education, thus opting for sustainable lifelong learning.

Designed for Scale

300M is designed for scale! The Alliance will, through partnerships and advocacy, leverage our individual and collective strengths and expertise, to help every child read well, for fun and meaning.